Rick Hickman


Rick Hickman

RICK HICKMAN is one of WLCS’ most recognizable voices. The Muskegon announcer has worked at WLCS since 1998.  

Rick began as a morning show co-host and on-air presence for live remote broadcasts from local businesses and events on WLCS.  His duties have expanded to include being the in-studio game host for high school football and basketball. He is also the co-host with Jon Russell of the WLCS listener interactive “Saturday Morning Jukebox” show.

Rick has always lived in Michigan, having grown up in the Detroit area. He studied broadcasting while attending Wayne State University.  His first love was the Detroit Tigers – an affair that continues today.  Rick has been a Muskegon resident for nearly 20 years. He hopes to someday enjoy more time traveling, attending concerts and making back his past losses from Michigancasinos.